MOSCOW, Russia | DMN — Moscow will not support trade sanctions against North Korea but is ready to support additional UN Security Council sanctions aimed at Pyongyang’s controversial nuclear program, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said on Tuesday. “In principle, we are ready to support additional UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea, which held a nuclear test last week. It all depends on the nature of those sanctions,” Gatilov said. “It’s too early to say what kind of measures we will be ready to support. Anyway, apparently, it should be measures aimed at preventing North Korea from taking further actions related to nuclear non-proliferation and a future nuclear test,” he said. “But we will oppose sanctions damaging normal trade and economic relations with North Korea.”

Seismic activity was detected in North Korea at 11:58 a.m. Korean time (02:58 GMT) on January 12, fuelling suspicions the country had carried out an underground nuclear test. Pyongyang state media confirmed later that day it had carried out its third nuclear test. The 15-member UN Security Council issued a statement last week condemning the nuclear blast, calling it a “grave violation” of UN resolutions banning Pyongyang from conducting such tests and “a clear threat to international peace and security.” Japan plans to ask China to cooperate on adopting a new UN Security Council resolution authorizing another sanction against North Korea, following its third nuclear test last week.

The head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Shinsuke Sugiyama, plans to make the request to China’s special envoy on Korean Peninsular issues, Wu Dawei, on Wednesday. Sugiyama arrived in Beijing on Tuesday. He is to ask China to strengthen its efforts to persuade North Korea to refrain from more nuclear and missile tests. The North says it will implement many more higher-level actions than ever if the United States continues to pressure the country. Sugiyama is also expected to meet senior Chinese Foreign Ministry officials to confirm details of an incident last month in the East China Sea. Japan says a Chinese naval vessel aimed its weapons radar at one of the country’s Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers.

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