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DMN (Digital Media News) is a United States based digital news service. DMN is committed to bring news and analysis free from the burden of corporate ownership. With our global partners and international news sources, the goal for DMN is to provide news and analysis that challenges our readers to think for themselves, to question everything presented and to seek unending knowledge. In our digitally connected world, stories that once seemed about far away places now impact our friends, neighbors and sometimes our family members. It is our goal to provide a better understanding of our world.

The content on DMN is provided from source news services and agencies located around the world. It is our belief that going right to the source of record provides a better understanding of issues facing our communities, our countries and our world. Our goal is to provide editorial content that reflects a world view and frequently provide opposing viewpoints. Comments are welcome with the only guiding principle that they be reflective of the subject matter and free from personal attacks. Story ideas and content suggestions are always welcome.


Editorial Content / Managing Editor dmn@usa.com

Story ideas / Content suggestion dmnewsi@usa.com

Posted June 27, 2014 by dmnewsi

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