7 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Flooring Contractor

When remodeling your business, it is important that everything is done right. Any mistakes could cost you time and send you over budget, or may simply devalue the plans that you had to improve your business. Are you planning for any commercial kitchen flooring refinishing? If so, it should be given woven into the overall plan and discussion.

Here are seven very important questions that you must ask your contractor before you start. If you skip them, you might end up regretting it later!

1. What experience do you have?
Make sure that you find out how much experience your contractor has. They also need to have all of the right licenses to carry out the work. A well experienced and licensed contractor will do a good job, and will be more reliable. You can even ask for references from recent clients.

2. Will you be supervising the project personally?
If the person you are talking to will not be the supervisor, then you will want to talk to the person who is. Even if that means having every conversation twice, it’s important to know that you are all on the same page. This will prevent any big issues during the project.

3. Can you give me a timeline?
Get a sense of how long everything will take. It is important to be realistic about the timing because this will dictate how long you are able to work on the project and how much time you have to get the money together, if you do not already have it.

4. How much will it cost?
This is a big one! You need to know whether you have the right budget or not. If one contractor won’t fit your budget, you might be able to find someone else who will. On the other hand, you may just have to expand your budget to make sure that you get good quality work.

5. What down payment do I need?
In most cases, you will need to offer around ten per cent as a down payment. Make sure you know the details beforehand. If you do not have the cash upfront, you may need to delay starting your project. If you have gone over budget with the predicted cost, then you may not have the budget for the down payment yet either. You may also want to consider obtaining a commercial loan to help with cash flow during this undertaking.

6. Who do I write the check to?
In some cases you will deal with a sole trader and in others with a company. Make sure that you know who you actually need to pay as it may not be a straightforward matter. You need to have all of the payment details on hand when you start the project and for any payments for the duration.

7. Can we confirm everything in writing?
When everything is agreed upon, get it in writing. Whether it is in an email or a printed contract, having it written down is very important. If you do not have it in writing, you have no proof of your legally binding contract and the agreement you have made.